A Weekend Trip

by - August 12, 2017

Hey followers,

This weekend my family took a quick trip to Galveston Island for my cousin's graduation.  It was fun but short! 

I got to step on the shore for a second, go to an opera house (sadly...not for opera), and see an old ship.  It was very fun with lots of new experiences!!

on the shore
just wrote my name..

the opera house..

me and my sis

the old ship

So...what did you do this weekend?  Have you ever been to the sea?  When are you starting school?  (I start Monday!  Super excited!)

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  1. That looks like so much fun!! My family came over this weekend. I started last week.

  2. Wow that is sooo amazing was it lots of fun??
    This last week I went to California for a competition and I went to the beach there....
    And I also start school this Monday my co/op starts Thursday!!! (I'm excited too!!)

  3. Literally when I saw the word opera house, I mentally started singing, "The phantom of the opera is there..." #theatergeekproblems XD

    Anyways, I'm glad y'all had fun!

  4. Such a fun post! Yes, I have been to the beach. I went to Galveston when I was like 7, but I got bad staff infection on my arm and we pretty much never returned. :P We went to Corpus Christi two of three years ago when I was around 12. That was so much fun! We also are planning to go to Florida to visit Pensacola Christian College and spend some time there. :)

    This weekend my parents went on a trip to San Antonio that my dad surprised my mom with and my grandma stayed with me and my sibs! It was so much fun! Friday I went thrifting (Pretty much the best thing on earth) and we ate too much food. :P

    Annnddddd... I start school next week! :)


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