Fun at the Creek


     Hi followers,

    My trip has been going really well!!  A lot of driving but our family got to stay with some friends for a bit! 
This afternoon I got to swim in a creek (that's a first for me) with some of my new friends!!  I can not describe how awesome it was!!   The water was pure, cool, and lots of little minnows were in there too!  I got banged up quite a bit by the sharp and slippery rocks but if was a lot a fun trying to swim against the current!! 

We are now at the hotel and it is very nice!!  I'm getting excited about Bible competition but I don't have to do any of that till Tuesday.  So I get to take it easy and encourage my siblings. ;P

So...what do you love about this summer weather?  Where are you favorite places to travel?  


  1. Sounds fun!!! You look so cute!!

  2. Wow sounds fun girl!
    I like the summer weather ALOT!
    My favorite place to go is probably at my window, bc there's a big tree right outside and there's a chair right there so I can sit sometimes read a book and look outside into God's magnificent glory!!

  3. Looks like sooo much fun!! The creek on our property is a blast. :) :) :)

  4. It was so fun swimming at the creek sis! I had a lot of fun!


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