Braces and Glasses Off!!

by - June 13, 2017

     Hi followers,

     Yesterday I got my braces off!!  It was really nice to get them off but I hated the feeling when I got the glue scraped off my teeth.  I get my retainer today...I am NOT going to lose it.  :) 

After getting my braces off I went and got my eyes checked.  Thankfully, the stigmatism hasn't gotten that much worse.  :)  I did get contacts but I haven't been wearing them very much because I think they got one eye's prescription wrong.  The thing is, I have a different prescription for each eye.  But I think the lady gave me contacts with the same my right eye's vision doesn't seem right. :(

Later yesterday afternoon my dad took me and my siblings to the pool for an hour.  We had a lot of fun and it felt awesome in this summer heat. you wear contacts or glasses?  What about braces?  Do you like the warm weather?

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  1. I am about to get braces. your teeth look so pretty!

    1. You are going to get braces soon?!?! So exciting!! I will get them sometime soon, too.

  2. Your smile looks so lovely!!! I'm moving toward the end of invisalign. I hope your contact problem gets fixed!!! Does it feel nice to be done with braces? ;)

  3. Yay!!!! You look so pretty!!! I had braces this past year and a half but got them off two months ago. :) I still have a retainer though! I would love to have glasses and I've always wanted them (I know that's weird) but currently I don't need them! If you want to read an awesome story about sight, please check out my blog! -


  4. How awesome! I got my braces off about six months ago and that makes me happy. I think my vision is 20/20, although we'll see when I go to the eye doctor. Bummer about your contacts, though.

  5. Sorry about your contacts, but at least you have beautiful teeth now! 😁😀

  6. You look pretty! I don't wear glasses or braces, but my sister has glasses 😃

  7. That's so exciting!!! You look sooo pretty!! I LOVE your hair!

  8. So lucky to get the good news! I wear braces and can't say I am in love with them. God bless.

  9. You're such a lovely girl, Lilly! I wore braces for almost three years and I still wear glasses/contacts. Contacts take some getting used to (and it helps when they get the prescription right...I have to wear different prescriptions in each eye so I feel your pain!!) but they are awesome!

    Ivy // Lakeside Publications


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