Beginner's Workout Challenge

by - June 05, 2017

     Hi followers,

    Today I want to challenge you with a short workout which includes: running, jumping jacks, sit ups and push ups.  It's very simple and shouldn't take more than 15 minutes.  This challenge will go from this Wednesday (the 7th) to next Wednesday (the 14th).  During that week, you will do this workout every other day. 

Here's the video explaining:

Here's the chart to keep track of your progress:

Please comment if you're going to do the challenge.  Also let me know if you have any questions! 

This is going to be fun!!

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  1. *raises hand* I'll do it! I'm also starting a challenge on my blog, but for writing...actually it's more of a rebellion...XD

  2. I'll try to do it!! It works great with my No Sugar for a Week Challenge!! ;)

  3. This is great, Lilly! Although I have already got my weekly workouts planned, I'm sure I'll come back to this in the future when I'm looking for a new challenge plan. :)

    -T. x

  4. I'll try it! And I'm gonna be trying B.M.'s sugar challenge too, so that will be fun!


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