Road Trip's Highlights

by - May 30, 2017

Hey followers,
I'm back!!  As many of y'all know I went on a long road trip with my grandparents and my sis.  It went well and I had a lot of fun even though we were mostly driving. 
I got to meet a lot of relatives I hadn't met before and got to see where my grandparent's grew up.  That was really special. 
Me and Beth (my sister) did a lot of hairstyles, ate a lot of junk food and had a lot of laughs. xD
But I think one of the coolest part of the trip was when we saw a tornado begin to form.  :p  It didn't end becoming a full blown tornado but it could have.


  There were also a lot of pretty mountains.   =)

In the drive I read The Captive Princess by Wendy Lawton.  It was very good and enjoyable.  Besides the confusion of the tribe words and names, it was very easy to read.  <3   In case you don't know, this book is in the Daughters of the Faith Series.  All the books are amazing!!  My favorite is Ransom's please check it out.  ;) 

I didn't write much besides writing in a notebook a story about my grandpa when he was a little kid.  I might end up posting it on my blog...we'll see.  ;)
Also,  this has nothing to do with the trip but I wanted to mention it anyway.  I am going to be beta reading Abigayle Claire's book, Andora's Folly.  This is my first book to beta read so I'm pretty excited.  ;)  (In case you don't know, beta reading is like reviewing a book before it's published.  You get to tell the author what you think of the book.) 
So...what have you been doing while I was away??  Are you beta reading any books this summer?

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  1. GIRRRRL YOU ALMOST SAW A TORNADO FORM????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? I'm soooo jealous--I think. xD I lovelovelove severe storms and tornado warnings, but when a tornado comes a bit too close...well, let's just say it'll burst my comfort bubble, haha. ;)
    Oooh, yes, I've heard my sister (and Abi, of course ;)) talk about Andora's Folly...I think it's gonna be good! ^_^

  2. Oh!! That looks like such a fun road trip. :) I can't wait to read Andora's Folly!!

  3. Beta reading books is loads of fun! XD
    And those mountains are so pretty!! I'm guessing y'all were either out of state or near New Mexico, only New Mexico's mountains aren't that pretty...maybe Colorado?!?!? Did you say in the last post, because if you did I'm going to feel very, very dumb... lol.

  4. YAY!!! You are back!!! That's so cool!!! I love storms, especially listening to faint thunder rolling outside my window, doing crafts and listening to my Kindle read me Anne of Green Gables (yes, Lilly, I'm taking a long listening/working phase with Anne) ;)PLEASE DON'T GET SWEPT AWAY BY A STORM!!!!!!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Beta reading looks sooooo cool. ;)

  5. Looks like you had a spectacular time and I am so glad for you! :) Did you try any new tasty foods?

  6. My sister likes the Daughters of the Faith books! Were you scared seeing a tornado form? I would've been!

  7. I can never read in a car, even though I usually take a book along on a road trip. I always, ALWAYS end up staring out of the window admiring the scenery. =D (and looking out for pretty farms along the countryside Typical farmgirl. ;-)

  8. Sweet
    I have all of the series but have not read them yet I got them like two years ago I should read soon!!


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