Don't be Afraid to Put a Book Away

by - May 25, 2017

     Hi followers,

     I recently got a book that I had heard good things about.  I was super excited to read it!!  I began reading it and it gripped me right away.  The sad thing is...I ended up realizing that it wasn't a book I was comfortable reading. 

I cried.   I wanted it to be good.  But it wasn't.  But now that I've put the book away, I no longer have to wonder if God would be happy with me reading it.  I no longer have to worry if my conscience is clear.  My advice for you is this:  Don't be afraid to put a book away.  Just because it is a popular book, a classic and everybody is talking about it (even Christians) that doesn't mean that we have to read it.  Maybe it's not even bad.  But does it edify and build up?  Tip:  Maybe try reading more biographies because they strengthen your spiritual life. 

Letting God be your master is a daily choice.  I cried to my mom, "I can't talk about these books with my friends."  My mom (like always) says, "Welcome to The Kingdom."  She was so right.  When we serve God we have to say no to many things even if our best friends are reading/watching it.  Serving Him is SO worth it. 

What do you think?  Can you relate?  Do you ever feel like you're the only one not reading/watching certain things?
P.S.  I am going on a long road trip with my Grandparents this weekend so I won't be blogging till the middle of next week.   :)

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  1. Thanks for this post :) I have just come to the same conclusion with a book I don't feel comfortable reading. Which one was it for you?

    1. You're welcome, Faith!!
      It's actually happened with lots of books, many times.

  2. This is a hard one... I thrive on reading. I've heard that the most dangerous place for a Christian is the Christian book store. I was recently in one, and found myself disgusted with the books I found on the shelves!!! Filled with too much gushy romance novels, and anything medieval looked mystical and weird. I found myself wishing to find more classics and books of substance. Books that will challenge!!!
    P.S. For those who love reading more action, fast-paced and adventure, at the same time being encouraged to follow Christ, look up Nicole Sager's Arcrean Conquest books, and her more recent Companions of Arcrea books. My favorite one of all five books that I've read of hers is called Hebbros. If you are reading this comment, you MUST read this book!!! They're all non-magical, Christian fantasy that goes above and beyond the mark of a good book!!! Unlike some quote "Christian fantasy" I've heard about or tried reading, these books have a strong message that will inspire you, and the adventure will leave you hooked!!!

    1. I know exactly what you mean!! When I walk down Christian book store isles...I can't believe they are actually Christian. :(

      I've actually heard of those!! I need to seriously get them!!

  3. I can relate here! One way to know if it's a book you should be reading is if you'd be embarrassed if someone flipped through it. Once I was reading a book that I had never read, and started to feel uncomfortable, but kept reading because I wanted to finish it. But then my dad was looking through it and I felt horrible. Great post, Lilly!


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