5 Reasons Everyone Should Exercise

Exercise is something a lot of us don't like...  it's not like it's the most comfortable thing to do.  It can be hard to get yourself outside or on that treadmill, but it has so many benefits!  Why should we exercise??

A Gentle and Quiet Spirit

What is of the most beautiful to the Lord?   Throughout scripture we see many examples of true womanhood from Proverbs 31, Titus 2, Ruth, and many other places.  But what is, as you could say, the core of womanhood?  Something we must need to complete those tasks?...something that will really make us shine bright and be truly beautiful...

Hair Care


Some of my friends have told me of how pretty, long hair I have.  I want to mention in this post some of the things I do to keep my hair healthy.  Most of them you probably already do but some of them you might not. 

First off I want to remind y'all of 1 Corinthians 11:15, which says:
But if a woman have long hair, it is a glory to her: for her hair is given her for a covering.

A woman's hair is a beautiful covering of glory to her and thus I believe that us young ladies should take good care of it!

~ Shampoo and condition it.
I try to do this every other day.  It's crazy how greasy our hair can get just after a day or so!  Even if you haven't sweated very much or gotten dirty, your hair can still collect dirt!  I have been using a condition and shampoo condition combined but I have recently switched to using some natural stuff and my hair has gotten so much more nice!  It doesn't frizz up as much and is much more easier to brush!!  The brand is Herbal Essences, in case you're wondering.  And also, I have heard that washing your hair too often is not healthy for your hair. :)  So don't overdo it!

~ Hydrate it.  This kind of goes with the conditioning thing as well.  But sometimes our hair needs something a little extra.  After you take your shower you might want to put some hydrating cream into your hair!  It will make your hair easier to brush and will not frizz up as much

~ Brush it.  I think we all know this, but brushing is the most important thing about taking care of your hair!!  But the big trick about having nice hair is to do this often.  A good idea would be to brush when you get up, around lunch time, and before you go to bed.  This will give your hair a good freshen up.  Because if you don't brush the whole day (I know this from experience) you hair will be a big wad of fizziness!  ;P  I used the Wet Brush and I love it so much!  It does not hurt when brushing and it brushes through well. 

~ Put it up.  One of the easiest way to have healthy hair is to just put it up in a bun, braid, or even ponytail.  If not, it can get in your face, get caught on things, and will tangle all together.  Especially if you are going to be sweating.  When I run, I always braid my hair so that it doesn't stick to my back from all the sweat.  It would tangle my hair and just make a sticky mess!  I usually have my hair pulled back unless I am doing something special where I know I won't be moving around a lot.  But for the most part, just put it in a braid or bun.  That's the best go!

~ Cut it.  Ok...I have to admit.  I don't really follow this.  I love long hair and can't stand cutting it.   But the truth is, if you want really healthy hair, then you should most likely cut it.  (That is, unless it's always pulled up in a bun.)  It can be hard to cut it (especially if you want to get your hair down past your mid-bottom, like me) but giving it a nice trim will make the ends much more healthy!

That's really all I have...there isn't like a magic trick to having awesome hair.  It mostly just takes consistency to the things at the top.  Just some regular brushing, keeping your hair pulled back, and hydration to your hair will make such a difference!

So...what do you do with you hair??  Did you find any of these tips helpful?

~ Lilly :) 

What Does God Expect From Us?

I've been reading through the book of Mark in my morning Bible reading and yesterday I read the end of chapter twelve.  The last few verses really stood out to me.  It read about how Jesus saw many giving much money in the offering and even saw a poor widow only put in two mites.  But Jesus declared to His disciples that the widow had put in more than the rich, who had given so much more than her.  How can this be reasonable?  How could it be that this woman, who only gave two mites, had given more than the rich?  You see, Jesus didn't look at the amount she gave.  But he looked at her heart.

Jesus said in Mark 12:44, "...for they all put in out of their abundance, she out of her poverty put in all that she had, her whole livelihood."

Jesus saw that this woman gave her everything when the rich did not.  The Lord has been teaching me that God wants us to give our very best!  We should not be looking at what others are giving...for we all have been given different amounts.  If we want God's real blessing, we must give our best! What does Jesus want from you?  There is no right number of money or act.  He wants you!  That's all you can give and thus that's all you are expected to give.  There's nothing more you could give but your 100%!

November Goals and To-Dos


We are already done with October?  It's so crazy!  Hopefully this one will at least be able to be enjoyed a little!  Here's some of the things November consists of.

~ NaNoWriMo!!!  This is the biggest one on my list right now.  And I'm actually trying the whole novel thing: 50,000 words!!  Please pray I survive!!  To avoid spoilers...I am not going to be giving y'all much information about it...besides this collage.  XD

Ok...I'll tell a bit about it. 

Basically, it's about a girl who was deserted by her mother in England.  This girl (her name is Bonnie) ends up being requested by her grandmother to live with her.  After arriving, even more questions are brought up about her past and why her mother did not love her.  Bonnie faces a struggle...to forgive her mother, or live on with bitterness forever.

That's all I'm giving...

 ~ Thanksgiving!  I think Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday (after Christmas).   I can already taste all that yummy food in my mouth right now!

~ Read.  Even with NaNoWriMo, I am still going to be trying to read something.  I have been reading No Longer a Slumdog.  It's full of amazing stories of people coming out of poverty and the wickedness of Asia.  It's is encouraging but can be sad at times!

~ Exercise.   Mostly running but doing P.E. at my co-op.  Right now my arms are sore from the pushups we did yesterday.  I am not strong in my upper body one bit!!

~ School. (a lot of it.)

~ Watch Pride and Prejudice (can this actually be on my list??  I love that movie and it's been a couple months since I've seen it!) ;P

Are you doing NaNoWriMo?  Have you ever written 50,000 words in a month? What is your favorite Holiday?

Writing Contest Winner (finally!)

Hi followers,

So...finally I am here with the winner to the writing contest.  First, I want to say that I enjoyed reading the stories!  Thank you all for entering!!  Y'all all are very creative writers.  But I have to choose one winner.

Here is the winner, the story she wrote, and the prize she will receive...

The Winner:
Mary K!!

She had the shortest story but I liked I liked it the best.  I thought it was cute and creative!! It made me smile!  ;)
The Story:
 "The Unique Messenger"

I was feeling somewhat discouraged as I strolled slowly down the street that evening. My favorite rose bush had died for no reason at all. When I got home that afternoon, all the cookies had been eaten. Then, I went to change and discovered that my favorite red shirt was in the laundry! They were little things that didn't really matter, but to me they did. So, there I was, feeling as blue as my shirt. Suddenly, I heard short, sharp notes from a neighboring house. I paused, listening. Someone was pecking out a familiar tune on an old piano. His. Eye. Is. On. The. Spar.row. And. I. Know. He. Watch.es. Me. " HE knows. HE cares," I thought gratefully. Quickly, quietly, I stole up to the window and there standing on the bench, stretching to reach the keys was a... CHICKEN!


The Prize:
"What Lies Beyond" by the Foto Sisters

I love this album so much!!  It has nice, pretty, Christian, classical, sounding music.  <3 
Definitely worth listening too!!

Thank you so much guys for helping me celebrate my birthday and one year of blogging!!  I have had such a fun month!!  

So....what do you think of Mary's little story?  Have you heard any of the Foto sister's albums??

In Christ,
Lilly Shyree :)

P.S.  Nano Wrimo starts tomorrow...and if by chance...I end up doing it....then there might not be that many posts next month...we'll see. ;)

5 Blogs I Love!!

Hi followers,

So sorry for not posting more over here.  But my next post will be announcing the writing contest winners.  :D   So they are on their way.  So today...I just want to share with you five of my favorite blogs that have really inspired me and encouraged me.  I follow a lot of blogs so here is just five. :)



Oh and after you take a look at these blogs, please let me know what you think of the new blog design.  It's kind of a way to celebrate fall and one year of blogging. :D

Lilly Shyree :)

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